Knowledge Network

The PMCC Knowledge Network (launching in July of 2024) is a collective of consultants and thought leaders that our members can call upon for professional consulting services at no cost, as a benefit of PMCC membership. The Knowledge Network gives you much-needed access to some of the most respected and successful consultants in media. Whether you need help with digital strategy or coaching your hosts, you’ll find the support you need in the Knowledge Network.

PMCC’s audience research studies help you understand audiences from new perspectives. 

PublicRadio Meta Analysis

PMCC worked in collaboration with The Station Resource Group (SRG), Greater Public and research partners at City Square Associates to compile more than two dozen local audience research studies from stations of different market sizes, geographies and broadcast formats to perform a “meta-analysis”. This project delivers actionable intelligence to a range of decision-makers by identifying common themes, opportunities and threats for both news and music stations.

Public Radio Tech Survey

Every year, public radio stations of all shapes and sizes are invited to participate in the Public Radio Tech Survey, which measures the media habits, preferences, behaviors and attitudes of public radio’s most loyal fans. Participating stations receive their own unique results along with the national data set and PMCC members get a significant discount on registration.

Millennial Research Project

This study conducted in 2016/2017 gives us a unique ethnographic look at a key segment of the audience. Researchers at Jacobs Media immersed themselves into the lives of a dozen Millennial public radio listeners, spending a full day with each of them from the time they woke up, through their workday, and back at home, observing their media and lifestyle activities. The project was built on a combination of one-on-one interviews and ethnographic encounters with a diverse cross section of American Millennials.

Public Radio Core Values

In 2000, PRPD (now PMCC) launched the Core Values Project with the intent to clearly define and articulate the fundamental appeal of public radio’s programming. Over the next four years, five groundbreaking research studies were conducted to explore the core values of public radio’s most popular programs as well as its three “franchise” broadcast formats; News/Information/Talk, Classical Music and Jazz, the formats that accounted for 92% of all listening to public radio at the time.

The PD Handbook

The PD Handbook is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of the job of public radio Program Director. With examples and links to important resources, the PD Handbook is an essential go-to guide for anyone working in programming. Currently under revision, find the latest version below.

The Talk Show Handbook

The Talk Show Handbook focuses on the fundamental basics of producing original talk programming for public radio listeners. While PMCC works on a revision of this handbook, please find a series of checklists and planning materials to help you with the production of your local talk programming. Find the planning materials below.

PD Essentials Guide

PD Essentials Guide contains all the links and contact information you need as a new PD. Whether it’s finding your audience data or submitting your playlists to Sound Exchange, this quick reference guide will point you in the right direction. Find the guide below.